Saturday, September 22, 2012

Wonderful day at the Farm Fresh Fair!

Wow! I really enjoyed my day at the farm. The day couldn't have been more beautiful. So many great and talented vendors...and a great big thank you to all the customers for coming out and shopping at my booth really made my day!! And a great big thank you to Lisa Stamm & Catherine Neal for all you did to make this such a fun experience for us all, I can't wait till next year.

Friday, September 21, 2012

I think I'm ready for the Farm Fresh Fair tomorrow!

Well Angela and I have worked all day today to get things ready for the Farm Fresh Fair tomorrow. We have the car packed to the roof, still have a piece drying outside...hope it gonna be dry in time. I'm very excited to do this...this is my first craft fair...wish me luck!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Getting things ready for the Farm Fresh Fair!!

Black & Orange Halloween Vase on (L)....Black & White Vase with Vintage Broach on front (R).

Two small blue vases and pink vase all with vintage broaches on front.

Re-furbed metal shelf in blue.

Close up of vintage broach on painted glass vase.

More thrift store and road side bottles painted in light green.

Collection of thrift store bottles painted and with thrift store vintage broaches on front.

Cute little bottle on re-furbed metal shelf both in beautiful blue.

Pretty Shabby pink vase on Shabby green bow shelf.

Shabby Chic painted bottles.

Shabby Chic metal shelves done in light green.
Just a few things I've been working on for the Farm Fresh Fair @ The Farm On Rabon Creek in Fountain Inn, S.C. September 22, 2012.