Monday, September 21, 2015

Vintage Airstream Makeover!

I'm finally getting started on a long over due makeover of my vintage 1977 Airstream. I ripped up the carpet and linoleum and had to repair a piece of flooring just inside the door. I'm just going to sand and paint the plywood floors...then put throw rugs everywhere. Well, that's my plan anyway! I'm torn about what to do with the walls and woodgrain...I want to paint in some areas and decoupage in others...or just do white all over. I'm going with a Bohemian/Hippie feel with lots of color and textures, hanging accent lanterns, throw blankets and pillows..etc! The outside isn't in the best shape, the clear coat is peeling off so I will be searching for ways to get the shine back...I would love to have the outside airbrushed with trompe l'oeil art..but that's just a dream, as I'm sure that is very expensive. I'll just have to make do the best funds will allow me. I'm hoping to document the process here on my blog...hope you all follow along for the ride!
Here we are removing the rotted floor just inside the door...we decided instead of removing the entire sheet of plywood flooring and having to also remove the cabinets on the other side to do so...we would just cut out the 2 x 4 section and replace was a bit of a challenge..but not as challenging as the alternative.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Yay for me!

I finally replaced my faulty keyboard...all by my self!! Now I can get back to business... It was such a pain having to use the online keyboard so I just didn't get to my blogging. So, here's to a new start..again!