Friday, September 23, 2016

Getting serious about my Etsy business...nothing like hitting rock bottom to finally get motivated!!

I'm determined now more than ever to get serious about my Etsy business. I opened shop way back in '07...made a few sales but kinda backed off due to funds...gottta have it to make it...right? In those years I have accumulated quite a few thrifty finds to stock my shop again without having to hit the thrift stores for those yummy vintage goodies...but I did! Who can resist? not me! I love the's like crack! Not that I've ever done crack..nor will I ever...but you get what I mean. Maybe I should say " It's like wine" I've done wine, and it was GOOD! Didn't spend much, but I did get a few cool things. Like those 3 1950's and early 1960's Whitman picture word puzzles for children...yeah those were cool. Or the dishware & glassware from my favorite designer, Georges heart skips beats when I'm lucky enough to find his designs. So here's to me and my endeavors...may I work hard and succeed! Ok, now for that wine. Have a wonderful day ya'll! Hey, while you're here, have a look see at my shop...I would muchly appreciate it!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Clowns in the woods & The corrupt workplace...a lesson learned.

So the latest, most freakish shenanigans going on here in my neck of the woods are "Clowns in the woods", yes you read that correctly, clowns are hiding in the woods here in my hometown of South Carolina, in the neighborhood I grew up in, where my parents still own their home, trying to lure children into the woods. Reports are a person dressed in clown attire even had the nerve to knock on one residents door in broad daylight! What in the world is this world coming to? Halloween just got a little scarier around these parts, that's for sure. I guess home owners are going to have to answer the door for trick or treaters with a bowl of candy in one hand and a firearm in the other! SMH!! I would strongly reconsider going as a clown in this good ole southern state of South Carolina come Halloween night...just sayin'!

As far as a lesson learned, let's just say I now know what it means to have witnessed and personally experienced the corrupt side of the corporate world. Grown a$$ people behaving like half raised spoiled brats! The lies, slander, back stabbing and two-faced crap was rampant in that little office and not just the employees and management there, but way on up in corporate management as well...unbelievable!! Can we say "K*A*R*M*A"? Yes I believe what goes around eventually comes around. So, I no longer work in that office I loved so much...oh well Que Sera, Sera! Channeling my inner Doris Day! I've wanted to work from home for years now...let's see if I can make that work...fingers crossed, wish me luck please and thank you! Y'all come back now..ya hear!