Friday, August 12, 2016

Vintage Airstream Makeover...Part 2?

So...the vintage Airstream makeover was a no go! Money got short and interruptions got long. Although we did get the floor repaired and carpet and vinyl removed, that's a start...right? It's still on my bucket list. I love my Airstream, that long silver bullet sitting in my backyard holds many wonderful memories....memories of hot summer days spent in Myrtle Beach Travel Park. This particular campground was the one we stayed in each summer when our two children were little, we loved it! Our camper was perfect for our little family of 4. The kids had the back bedroom with twin beds and my husband and I had the couch/fold down bed at the other end. The hum of the coldest air conditioner known to man lulled me to sleep each night while the hottest, most humid night air whirled around outside our semi-mirrored container. The kids are grown and moved away now, so when I go inside the camper and into the back bedroom and see the little cars and plastic lizards that were my son's, and the dolls and coloring books and crayons that were my daughter's...along with sea shells we've collected as well as beach sand still on the heart aches, it's as if we were just camping a few days ago...everything still where they left them years ago. So you see, I can't get rid of my Airstream...even at the urging of my husband. I'm a lover and collector of all things vintage...and this dull, musty 1977 Airstream was the first of my collection some twenty years ago...and I will hold on to her for as long as I can, and hopefully fix the old girl up as I had intended in the first place...BOHO style!!

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