Thursday, July 12, 2012

I had to block myself from my own blog!

Ok...So apparently I somehow started following my own blog (don't ask), so I had to go in and block myself...from myself? Oh well, I'm still playing around and learning about blog-land, so please just hang in there with me. I am frantically looking for a place to have my daughters baby shower, the place I thought for sure would be available isn't...Grrr! It's the perfect place too, just a 1/2mile down the road from us, a big community building with kitchen and everything. It's always something!Still no car, It started storming, again, on the hubs and had to stop before he got started good. And today doesn't look any better, looks like the bottom is about to fall out, you gotta love these "Southern Summers"...right? So, I'm just gonna hang out here on my laptop today.   See Ya!   Nan

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