Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Feeling the itch to get back into my art journaling.

I was on the art journaling kick a few months ago after running across a few blogs/websites on YouTube, these tutorials were so fascinating and these women so talented. Art journaling is one of the most enjoyable art forms around and can be very inexpensive or as elaborate as you want. All you need is a journal and a pencil or if you prefer, a journal and as many art mediums your pocketbook will allow. This type of art is considered mixed media, and what that means is you use whatever you have on hand and whatever technique your little heart desires...pencil, paint, colored pencils, spray dyes, stamps and inks, decoupage etc...all at once. There is no right or wrong way to art journaling, even the "mistakes" are beautiful. When you've finished with your mixed media art journal page and it has dried you just move on to the next blank page and let your imagination soar once again.

Art journaling/mixed media/drawing websites and tutorials       

Better yet just go to YouTube and search for *Art Journaling* or *Mixed Media* and explore till your heart's content. Here is a page out of my Mixed Media Art Journal.

Or, if you want to follow some awesome tutorials on sketching/drawing check this amazing guy out.
  • Mark Crilley's YouTube Channel: here
Here's a look at my first attempts at sketching realistic eyes & mouth.

    So give it a try, watch some tutorials and see what mediums these artists are using, buy one or two items at a time and if you are lucky enough to have a Micheals near you, use their coupon like I did on one item... I just got on the Michaels website and there is a 50% coupon off any one regular priced item thru Sat 10/29/2016...YooHoo!!


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