Friday, October 14, 2016

Oh how I love vintage!

I'm not sure when it happened...this love of vintage that I have. Maybe when you hit a certain age you start to realize your time on earth is now somewhat calculable. No, I know I can't predict *when* I will leave this earth...but I know, with absolute certainy, I *won't* be here in 59 years...the year 2075 to be exact. Now, that fact has always been the case, it's just that you don't give turning, or not turning, the age of 112 much thought till you get my case when I hit 50. That's about the time I started reflecting more and more on my childhood and all the little things in ours and my Grandparents home that I remember the most, like the wooden bowl my Grandma Waters used to make her scratch made biscuits, or my Mom's black iron skillet used to fry up the best fried chicken this side of KFC, or the metal ice-cream scooper at my Grandparents house that I loved to dip in a glass of hot water so it would glide easily through the frozen ice-cream goodness, or the owl canister set that adorned our kitchen counter for years, or my Grandma Barton's big enameled kitchen sink, and my Grandma Waters's white metal pantry cabinet that made that loud pop & screech when being opened and shut...Man I would love to have that cabinet in my home office/studio right would be perfect to hold all my crafting and postage supplies. There are so very many more reminders of my childhood that I have this need to recapture and that is why I love thrift stores...and the hunt for these things, some I keep and some I will list in my vintage etsy shop, and some I'm still holding on to because I can't decide if I can get rid of the six mid-century cocktail glasses with the blue french poodles on them...I love them, but you never know...they may eventually show up in my shop. So, I'm putting a link to my vintage Etsy shop pinterest board, and a link to my "Day's gone by' board and a link to my "Remembering Childhood" board and a link to my "Memories of Christmases Past" board for you to peruse through, maybe you too will catch the vintage bug. 

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