Saturday, October 8, 2016

First Etsy sale since re-opening my Shop! Yayy!! And, why I'm a YouTube addict.

Nothing is more exciting than seeing that little number in "Your Shop" when I log onto my Etsy site. Thank you J.W. for making my day...and hope you enjoy your Holly Hobbie doll. And thank you to all the others for favoriting  my items in my means a lot! I'll be adding more items in the next few days...I have an awesome little vintage metal and lucite purse to come...just gotta get some good photo's first...hope you stop by my shop for a look see.

So, My name is Nan Harrison, and I'm a YouTube addict. I'm on it everyday for hours! No kidding!! See, I love to learn...a lot! YouTube is a gold mine for anything you've ever wanted to know, and probably some things you didn' careful!! just saying! There are so many people who are willing to share what they know with others...and I want to thank them. So next time you need answers or you want to watch tutorials on what ever, click on over to YouTube...I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for.

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